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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I'm too lazy to make graphics today because i'd been gaming and sleeping most of the day today.
Guess I'm too tired, but tomorrow I won't be at home much so i guess i won't be updating much either because thursday is hangout day and friday is maybe mall day (:
Here's Taeyeon's song. I LOVE IT (: hehehehehe Enjoy (:

5:45 PM

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

LOL More graphics for Wong Fu HEHEHHEE But this time it has Ryan Higa (Nigahiga) and Kevin Wu (Kevjumba) in it. I'd been liking them for quiet a while but this is the first time i like them so much HEHEHHEHEHEE. I LOVE YOU ALL! You made my spring break fun and awesome. LOL
Aightt. G2g watch some more Wong Fu Weekends! I LIKE IT! (:

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6:05 PM

Monday, April 9, 2012

Hey everyone! It's like 12:30 AM midnight here LOL but I'm still posting for my Wong Fu <3
Today I just watched so many Wong Fu weekend videos and i just LOVEE WONG FU
Ted, Phil, and Wes! They're just sooo coool. Wes = perfectionist. Ted = hilarious. Phil - cute
WONG FU <3 LOL YES! I went from loving HK dramas to Korean dramas now to Youtube stars.
That's because I finished watching the dramas and was bored :D
I went from liking Kevjumba --> Nigahiga ---> Wong Fu! <3 Hope to meet them one day!
When I find the time in the future, I'll make more graphics for them!

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9:33 PM

Hey guys (: Happy Easter! Here is two new graphics of Niki and Cilla.
I'm loving Niki's new drama, it's so cool and as for Cilla, she's soo small and cutie <3

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10:51 AM

Sunday, April 8, 2012

LOL More Graphics from Daddy Good Deeds (:
Hope you guys enjoy it! Yes, other than Korean dramas, I also love HK dramas.
In fact, i actually like HK dramas more because i don't have to read the subs and just multi task while watching tv. ^_^
Linda is so cute with Steven in that drama (:
Yes and my graphics looks more unique now that I'm not too lazy to use brushes ^_^

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11:55 AM